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Who We Are


Sarah Mae Dickinson

Founder and CEO

Sarah is our Founder, CEO and general Director of Sales. She will be your overall guide to make sure that your overall social will not only represent you and your product well, but will also lead clients to the next step of the sale. 


As a northern born, southern living momma of two crazy little girls, she knows that efficiency is the name of the game. She's a no-nonsense leader who runs a team of busy ladies and treats every client with that same respect. Your money and time are valuable and we make sure each interaction with potential clients clicks.

Gari-Ann Kia

Creative Director

Gari-Ann is an incredibly talented Brand Photographer that has made a career on bringing clients products and services to life. At the Mae Sales Group she works tirelessly to connect our clients' vision to visuals that speak to potential leads.


She is Hawaiian (which already makes her cool) and as a military spouse has lived all over the world. She always has a camera handy. Whether it is clicking photos of her gorgeous daughter and son, her beloved macaroons or her gorgeous homeland, she knows at the core of it all that the small moments of our lives matter. 

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Rachel Eubanks

Head of Copy

Rachel is a Doctorate of Education and brings her love of teaching to every word she writes. She loves educating leads on our incredible clients. Rachel will work to learn about you, your company, your products and your clients. She will highlight what makes you special.


Alabama born and raised, she is a kind hearted soul who loves cheerleading for those around her.

Jacki Gil

Graphics Director

Jacki is a graphic designer, with a love for clean designs that are effective and beautiful. She is always on the hunt for the next best font. 

Jacki is an Enneagram One, which means that scheduling and timing is everything. She prides herself on keeping deadlines (or beating them!) and making sure that she sticks to her word when it comes to delivery promises.

When she’s not in the design zone, she enjoys traveling with her two young girls and husband, sipping on a cold margarita with some chips and queso, and can usually be found training for some next fitness goal.

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Lauren Sklar

Marketing Intern

Lauren is a senior at Auburn University studying marketing in the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. 

Lauren thrives off planning and organization, and she believes they are the keys to producing the best work in a timely manner. At the Mae Sales Group, Lauren works with clients to design a system and plan to meet their specific marketing goals.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her friends and family and indulging in reality TV marathons. Her favorite show to watch is the Real Housewives of New York City.

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